Every day in the UK, more and more babies receive donor milk as a result of our work.

UKAMB is a registered charity that supports human milk banking in the UK and was set up in 1997. Our motto is ‘Every Drop Counts’ and we believe that the provision of safe and screened donor breastmilk makes an important contribution to the care of the premature and sick infants who receive it. Our goal is to ensure access of donor milk to every child who would benefit from its use.

What we do

Practical support

We provide practical support to milk bank staff who co-ordinate the provision of donor breastmilk for premature babies. UKAMB also signposts women who are thinking about donating their milk to their local milk bank.

Educating banks and donors

UKAMB aims to ensure that milk banks are staffed and administered by appropriately trained staff, in order that the safety of donor milk is paramount. We also aim to educate the public about the benefits of donor milk, including protecting premature babies from complications such as infections and necrotising enterocolitis.

Milk banking guidelines

UKAMB has worked closely with the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) to produce guidelines for the safe operation of milk banks, published in 2010. Through our research and inspections, we constantly strive to ensure best practice in milk banks across the country. We also work with milk banks on a regional and national level overseas.

National advocacy

UKAMB represents milk banks at a wide range of conferences, symposiums and parliamentary working groups.

Support research

Milk banks in the UK support a wide range of ethical studies across the fields of neonatalogy, infant nutrition, cancer research and perinatal psychiatry. UKAMB aims to coordinate research to avoid replication and ensure best practice and standardisation of approach to collection and ethics approval. None of the research we support is funded by non-WHO Code compliant companies.

Raise funds

Milk banks can be expensive to operate, but provide a service that is one of the most cost-effective interventions in the NHS. However, additional funding is always needed over and above the day-to-day running costs for research, training and awareness. Please contact us if you would like to help.

Donate Money

Please support our work, to allow us to help as many babies in the UK as possible.