The Southwest Neonatal Network Donor Milk Bank UPDATE

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Dear Milk Donor,

Thank you for your support for the donor milk bank.

We are sending this email in response to questions we have had about milk donation and the COVID-19 virus.

Breastfeeding your own baby;

Although not everything is known yet about COVID-19. In 6 cases of breastfeeding mothers testing positive for COVID-19 their breastmilk did not contain the virus.

If a mother develops COVID-19 infection the recommendation is that she continues to breastfeed her own baby.

The main risk for infants is the close contact with the mother who is likely to share infective airborne droplets and so if you have symptoms the advice is to;


Donating milk to the milk bank;

We will still be using lots of donor milk as it is an important part of the treatment of preterm infants in the South West neonatal network.

Please let us know if you or anyone you live with develops any symptoms of COVID-19;

If you or anyone you live with has any of these symptoms we will ask that you stop donating milk from the day the first person’s symptoms started for 14 days or longer if you need to self-isolate for another 7 days, please see this information about self-isolation,

How you can help us to prevent spread of COVID-19.


Thank you again for all your support for preterm and sick babies in the Southwest neonatal Network