Donate Milk

Find your closest milk bank

Firstly, find your closest milk bank using the link below. Contact them to discuss your specific situation, and to ensure that they are able to accept your milk.

Some information about you

The milk bank will send you a questionnaire and blood test kit. You can make an appointment with your local GP or nurse to take the bloods, and the kit is then sent back to the milk bank. Your blood will be tested for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis and HTLV.

Start collecting!

The milk bank will send you bottles to store and freeze your milk. If you already have a stock of milk in breastmilk bags, your milk bank may accept this, although the fat in the milk is not released from breastmilk bags as well as it is from milk bank bottles. Premature babies rely on high-fat milk to grow, and the bottles milk banks use are designed to increase the available fat as much as possible.

Got any questions?

Please read our frequently asked questions section, or contact us at if you have any specific queries. The email is checked daily by Trustees of the charity and we try to respond within 24 hours.