NICE guideline

The National Institute of Care Excellence published a set of guidelines on the operation of a human milk bank in 2010, after all available evidence and practice was reviewed by a working party. To download a full copy of the NICE guidelines for Donor Breastmilk Banks, please follow this link: http://guidance.nice.org.uk/CG93/Guidance/pdf/English

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Medication and donating breastmilk

UKAMB would like to thank Wendy Jones, MRPharmS, of the Breastfeeding Network for her expert advice in compiling this information. All drugs have the potential to pass into breastmilk in varying amounts, depending on the way the body handles the drug. In general only small quantities reach babies and term, fit and well babies can […]

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Resolution on the Use of Donor Human Milk for Muslim Infants

Background: The introduction of anonymised donor human milk (DHM) to countries with Muslim populations has been challenged by the Islamic concept of milk kinship. Here the sharing of milk, historically in the form of a wet nurse, creates kinship ties and thus marriage prohibitions between the family of the donor and the recipient. Surveys in […]

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