COVID information for donors

Covid 19 Donors Precautions Response May 2020

Milk bank staff are being asked by neonatal clinicians what they are doing to ensure donor human milk is safe and also, are being contacted by mothers who wish to become donors or are previously recruited donors who have had confirmed (via testing) or unconfirmed Covid-19.  Dr Jim Gray, Consultant Microbiologist was approached for guidance regarding […]

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Southwest Neonatal Network COVID 19 Guidelines UPDATE

COVID-19 ACTION PLAN FOR SWNN Donor Milk Bank This action plan includes; COVID-19 General Principles Recruiting donors Accepting donated milk into the milk bank Transport of donor milk to other neonatal units Health and wellbeing Instructions for Volunteer Drivers COVID-19 General Principles Donating Mothers must inform milk bank if they or anyone they live with […]

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The Southwest Neonatal Network Donor Milk Bank UPDATE

Dear Milk Donor, Thank you for your support for the donor milk bank. We are sending this email in response to questions we have had about milk donation and the COVID-19 virus. Breastfeeding your own baby; Although not everything is known yet about COVID-19. In 6 cases of breastfeeding mothers testing positive for COVID-19 their […]

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