About donor milk

COVID-19 UKAMB Update 06/04/2020

COVID-19 UK Milk Banks continue to communicate by means of telephone conference on a weekly basis to share information and data relating to supply and demand within the UK. Challenges within individual Milk Banks are discussed and collective solutions are put in place to ensure that there are sufficient supplies as clinically required. This collaboration […]

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Corona Virus COVID 19 UPDATE 25th March

“During the current coronavirus pandemic UK Milk Banks are working hard and working together to adapt and maintain the provision of safe screened pasteurized donor milk, we are continuing to work within the NICE Clinical guideline 93 and are adhering to PHE guidance. Many screened donors are continuing to donate safely to supply milk for […]

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Resolution on the Use of Donor Human Milk for Muslim Infants

Background: The introduction of anonymised donor human milk (DHM) to countries with Muslim populations has been challenged by the Islamic concept of milk kinship. Here the sharing of milk, historically in the form of a wet nurse, creates kinship ties and thus marriage prohibitions between the family of the donor and the recipient. Surveys in […]

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